How to Make the Most of the Holiday with Kids

The holiday is a great time for families to come together, spend time with each other and celebrate the festivities. It’s also a time for gift giving and sharing. For parents of infants and toddlers, perhaps you’re thinking of getting one of those Trendy Baby Bibs as a holiday gift for your little one. Or maybe a toy or a book. Whatever the case, just remember to cherish the moments make the holidays as fun as possible for the kids and for the whole family. So even if you get Trendy Baby Bibs and the trendiest to toys and gadgets there are other ways you can make the holiday special for the kids and the whole family.

Give Kids a Sneak Peak

Some families have traditions like opening a present on Christmas Eve, or even a present a day leading up to Christmas for a week’s worth of fun. This kind of sneak peak for kids can add to the excitement of the season, and is a perfect time to do small gifts that aren’t too expensive, but bring lots of joy.


Sometimes kids get so excited about the gifts under the tree that they just can’t let up. To change the focus just a little by having the kids make gifts for one another or gifts for extended family and friends. This gives them the opportunity to give that wonderful feeling to someone else, and also keep them busy during that long Christmas break from school, when they just seem to get on each other’s nerves and yours!

Make a Gingerbread House

A gingerbread house is an age old tradition that many families still partake in during the holidays. It’s a great way to get the kids involved and engaged by making a gingerbread house with them. You can make the gingerbread cookies from scratch if you have the time or you can buy a gingerbread house pack and put it together with the kids. You could also bake gingerbread cookies instead and that will be just as fun too.

Bake Cookies

Baking  cookies with the kids is one activity that everyone enjoys. It will bring the whole family together and get everyone engaged. You can have the kids help and choose flavours and designs. Let all the kids help and give them different tasks that match their age. So if you have a one year old you can guide  them and even hold their hands as they pack chocolate chips from the bag with their hands and pour it in the bowl. This is sure to get them excited and feel more involved in the activity. You can take it a step further by baking cookies to share to neighbors, your local church or community centers, and homeless shelters. This will instill the value of giving and caring for others in your kids.

Help in the Kitchen

Besides baking together, you can also get the kids involved in the kitchen during the holidays. Have them help with the cooking and also have them help setting the table. If you are hosting guests, having them help will go a long way to take some load of your shoulders and you still get to spend time together as a family. Two for one. This is great for them to learn skills like this for the hear and now, but also something they can use throughout their life.

Decorate Together

Putting up christmas decoration is also a fun activity you can do together as a family. Decorating the tree together with ornaments and hanging up the lights is a great way to put everyone in a festive spirit. When decorating use what you have and don’t go overboard unless you know what you are doing. When decorating you don’t have to stick to the living room and outside the house only. You can also deck the hallways with christmas cheer. Hang lights along the hallways of the house, string paper cut-out Christmas characters onto a rod or stick and hang on the wall above a desk or dresser. Don’t leave out the kids. Decorate the kids room too. Have them involved by giving them agency to pick out their own decorations for their rooms. This will help spread the christmas cheer!

Watch a Christmas Movie Together

Christmas time is a great time to gather around the TV and watch a christmas movies together. There are no shortage of christmas movies from Hallmark to Netflix that are perfect for the whole family. Gather around the couch and snuggle up with warm drinks and snacks and watch a Holiday movie together as a family.

Coordinate Your Outfits

During the holiday when everyone is together, it’s also a great time to appreciate the beauty of being a family. You can get matching PJs or Onesies for everyone to wear on christmas morning or you can pick a color code for everyone to dress up in. The color coordination will get everyone feeling the vibe of family and put everyone in a more loving mood.

Start a Christmas Countdown

Trendy Baby BibsA christmas countdown is a sure way to build excitement and anticipation for the holidays. Start the countdown on the first of December and have the kids involved by putting a calendar or countdown clock where they can see it and even help change the dates each morning. You can make the countdown more fun by incorporating little surprises each day like an inspirational quote, fun things to do and challenges that the kids can participate in. You can also include an advent calendar to the countdown so there’s a surprise for someone or for the family everyday. You don’t have to go all out with the advent calender, you can fill it up with little ornaments, wise sayings or even candy.  It can also be a good deed that someone has to do each day or a good deed everyone in the family has to fulfil. There are lots of ways to make a christmas countdown fun. Just remember to add those Trendy Baby Bibs to your list, especially with all that family around!